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I’m in love with people's life stories, where they come from and who they are. I apply this connection to my teaching, and I’ve learned that what I give is nothing in comparison to what I receive, especially from one-on-one photography mentorships. In essence, these mentorships are more like exclusive collaborations with hands-on teaching and one-on-one help.

I teach film photography to digital photographers, as well as small business owners who need photography skills to successfully promote their own products or services.

Mentoring Sessions

About Mentoring Sessions

Own a small business, but need help learning how to take professional photos on your own
Are passionate about photography and want to learn film photography
Are looking for ways to
elevate your photography style
Want to grow creatively & 
PROFESSIONALLY with consistent support

A photography mentorship
is ideal if you:

Are ready to learn the technicalities of film from the aesthetics to the editing process

Let me help you 

Running a business, as creative and exciting as it is, can also be challenging and incredibly overwhelming. When I first started out as a film photographer, there were so many things I found myself struggling with that I didn’t expect. What was my editing style? How do I produce images that glow with connection? What was I missing and how could I elevate my style?

- Nikki Daskalakis

Rudney helped teach me how to use film with a hands-on approach.
He let me practice on his medium format Contax and Mamiya. Rudney taught me to document each setting on my camera for every shot I took in a log, how to measure light with a meter, and a few other basics. Within just a few hours with Rudney, I had a strong grasp on the basics of shooting film. When I got my first scans back from the lab, I referred to that log to see what settings I preferred, and how I liked to shoot. I’m so grateful for Rudney teaching me how to shoot film.

He’s been an invaluable and approachable resource throughout the process and continues to answer questions to help me grow as a photographer. 

- Jennifer Conti  Photography

Rudney has such a natural talent and such a natural way of sharing that talent with others. He has a comfort about him that makes him approachable, understanding, patient, and your biggest fan all at the same time. I learned so much from him, elevated my work and business, and continue to do so as his help isn’t over when the workshop is. He really wants you to succeed and is always available for help, tips, questions, encouragement, and feedback even after your official time together is over! Thanks for being such an inspiration Rudney!

His style is effortless and learning from him is like him opening his book and letting you step inside.

- Oscar Piña

After 3 years of being mentored by Rudney, my craft has tremendously improved. He has taught me one-on-one, but also through the amazing Film Theory Workshop. He has empowered me to feel like I can take over the film photography world, something I was afraid to do because it was so unknown. At every wedding, workshop, or styled shoot we have worked, Rudney executes with excellence and performs with passion.

He has empowered me to feel like I can take over the film photography world, something I was afraid to do because it was so unknown.

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I look forward to meeting you, teaching you and supporting you on this incredible journey.

Let me help you avoid the typical creative challenges and skip straight ahead to a realm of excitement, with new ideas and a photography style you’ll love. 

Let's do this!

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