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I mentor and teach photography workshops because of my innate connection to people.
The most impactful and transformative workshops are those in which you not only learn something of value, but wherein you develop a connection and relationship, one that can support you, not only technically, but personally.
I don’t want to just teach you how to use a camera or how to take quality film photos — I want to support you as you use this camera to create a sensational photography style — one filled with passion and innovation.

Why I teach

Whether you participate in a film workshop or invest in a one-on-one mentorship, you’ll discover new skills and grow, as a photographer and as an individual.

This is education with soul and power, using the study of light and elements of connection to create something breathtaking. I want to look at your resulting images and think, "I wish I had taken that picture." I want to see you go further than I have.

— rudney novaes

"I want to be a part of your story,
and I want you to be a part of mine — to grow together, try creatively intoxicating things and support each other in this ever-evolving path of photography."

The Film Theory Workshop is a film photography workshop for beginners. This hands-on workshop is the kind I wish I could’ve attended when I first started out. It’s packed full — with editorial shoots, teaching sessions, presentations and more. We want you to walk away with more than a portfolio. Attending our workshop will leave you inspired and supported by a team of peers you can lean on and learn from for years to come. We’d love to teach you and be a part of your support system! 

The Film Theory Workshop

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I’m in love with people's life stories, where they come from and who they are. I apply this connection to my teaching, and I’ve learned that what I give is nothing in comparison to what I receive, especially from one-on-one photography mentorships. In essence, these mentorships are more like exclusive collaborations with hands-on teaching and one-on-one help.

Photography Mentorships
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The Film Theory Workshop / Video by SOK VISION

Our 2019 workshop class

- Sidney Leigh Photography

"Rudney is a FANTASTIC mentor, and I learned more in one day at his workshop than I have in months on my own. He taught with a hands-on approach and demonstrated film techniques patiently and repeatedly, which helped me as a visual learner. I cannot possibly recommend his workshop or his mentorship enough!"

Katherine Johnson 

Rudney is a wonderful instructor! He’s personable, patient, and ready to help. He really inspired me to start shooting more intentionally and to slow down with my work. At the Film Theory Workshop he made sure we were all comfortable — there were absolutely no stupid questions!! His willingness to continue teaching within the Facebook group even after the conclusion of the workshop has made my journey learning film even easier. 

Oscar piña

After 3 years of being mentored by Rudney, my craft has tremendously improved. He has taught me one-on-one, but also through the amazing Film Theory Workshop. He has empowered me to feel like I can take over the film photography world, something I was afraid to do because it was so unknown. At every wedding, workshop, or styled shoot we have worked, Rudney executes with excellence and performs with passion.

Ica Remo

Rudney is an incredibly patient & kind instructor/educator. While attending his workshop, Rudney was generous in answering our questions, lending his gear & giving us practical tips throughout the day while we were shooting. I was so encouraged by his helpful tips & his kindness in answering every single question we had. Rudney's passion for film & for teaching film photography is infectious & inspiring. I'm so grateful to have attended Rudney's workshop & I can't thank him enough for investing that time into helping me grow as a photographer. 

Thank You Notes from Workshop Attendees

Thank You Notes
from Workshop Attendees


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